Natural Wine

If you’re a fan of naturally produced wines, you’ll be glad to know we have plenty for you to choose from. We have dozens of brands for you to check out in all different styles. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of natural wine, or a seasoned natty wino, you’ll find lots of options and we get new items in almost every week. We’ve been able to bring in many hard-to-find, super coveted wines you won’t want to miss out on – so check out our social media for recent arrivals, limited productions, and fun, new natural selections. Mr B’s liquor store in downtown features one of the best selections in town!

Orange Wine

AKA skin-macerated white wine, – this is a popular style of wine usually made naturally that is gaining popularity. You can think of this style as white wine made like red wine. White grapes are crushed and then left on their skins and stems, which add unusual flavors and structure that will remind you of a red. Close your eyes and take a sip, you might actually think it’s a red! While you might have just heard of extended skin-macerated white, this method has a very long history. We offer famed European producers like Radikon, Movia, Gravner and COS, and domestic options from Matthiasson, Scholium Project and Scribe. Plus there’s always something new and exciting.

Pétillant Naturel (Pét-Nat)

AKA Pét-Nat or ancestral method – is a style of naturally produced sparkling wine that we stock. If you’re digging into the natural wine world, this is a category you should be checking out. Light, fizzy, often cloudy, sometimes sweet and lower in alcohol, Pét-Nat is an exciting category we’re seeing more and more of. Here at Mr. B’s, you will find various selections from France, Italy, Spain, California, and more!


You think you know Beaujolais? Think again. This French region is a mecca of incredible, reasonably priced natural wines made from the Gamay grape done in earthy, exciting styles you’ll definitely want to try. If you like your reds nice and funky, this is a region you’ll need to explore. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of easy-drinking, fruity styles you’d typically find as well. We have benchmark producers like Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Damien Coquelet, and Domaine Depueble to name a few.


We’re finding so many remarkable natural wines from the Jura region of France, it’s absolutely worth mentioning. It’s here you’ll find exciting reds made from native grapes like Trousseau and Poulsard/Ploussard, plus Pinot Noir, done in funky styles you will really enjoy. They also make excellent Chardonnay in styles you’d swear were reminiscent of fine white burgundy. Finally, you can’t talk about Jura without mentioning the grape Savagnin (not to be confused with Sauvignon!). This grape is made into wonderful still wines, and also used in the region’s famous vin jaune (“yellow wine”). This unusual wine is made like dry sherry, where the juice ages in barrels under a protective blanket of yeast where it develops all sorts of interesting flavors. We regularly stock producers like Overnoy, Les Matheney, Michel Gahier, and Domaine du Pelican.

Organic Wine

If you’re sick of pesticides being used in farming, and extra chemicals being added to your wine, you should be looking to drink organic wine. We stock plenty of organically produced wines in a variety of styles and price points from all over the world. If you’re looking to eat cleaner, you should think about drinking cleaner as well. At Mr. B’s, you’ll find a great selection of wines that are organic and/or made with organic grapes. These wines also have less added sulfites, if that’s a concern.

Biodynamic Wine

Wines that are made in this style are gaining popularity. They are similar to organic wines, but much more encompassing! It starts in the vineyard with organic practices, which do not use conventional chemicals for pesticides and fertilizers. They grow plants in the vineyard which naturally fertilize the land, encourage ladybugs and hawks to take care of grape eating pests, and do most of the vineyard work according to moon cycles. All of this extra special attention makes for the healthiest soil and vines, which will give you some of the best quality wine. If you haven’t tried a biodynamically made wine, it’s time to try one. Just ask us to show you a few here at our liquor store in downtown Denver.