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Golden Triangle: 303-623-0505

Brewery Ommegang–based in tradition, deliciousness, and technique

Brewery Ommegang is located on a 136 acre farm in Cooperstown, New York, a setting that seems appropriate for the beers they produce. Their focus has always been beers in the Belgian tradition, and that focus is evident in the quality of the final product. Numerous awards at the most prestigious competitions world wide, increasing sales in 46 states plus…

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New Image Brewing: Young, Motivated, and With Purpose

The beer shelves in Colorado are crowded; full of breweries new and old vying to establish themselves as a staple in the public’s consumption habits. Or conversely, trying to hang on to their loyal clientele by attempting to re-invent themselves as a means to keep their production numbers up and beers exciting in the eye of that same public.
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Interview with Travis Hixon, Brew Master from Blackberry Farm

If you told a Belgian farmhouse brewer 150 years ago that in 2018 a brewery in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee would be brewing saisons, and brewing them well, I’m sure he would have no idea what you were talking about.  But alas, here we are.  If you enjoy saisons, have the desire to enjoy saisons, or don’t know what…

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Interview with Matt Lincecum, Owner and Brew Master of Fremont Brewing

Matt Lincecum opened Fremont Brewing as a modest endeavor in 2009 with strong ideals and the simple goal to make good beer, and to serve that beer to the Seattle community.  It has since grown into one of the most awarded and recognized breweries in the Pacific Northwest with a number of its beers becoming extremely sought after worldwide.  I…

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