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Ballpark : 303-295-6727   Stanley Marketplace: 720-531-6010 Golden Triangle: 303-623-0505

Downtown : 303-295-6727  

Golden Triangle: 303-623-0505

Mr. B’s features a wide selection that has something for everyone.  We maintain quality control of our product when we receive it and how we store it.  Our shops are temperature controlled. While we love our Colorado sunshine, we don’t let it shine on our bottles.  All hoppy beers are stored cold at all times. When you buy beer, wine, & spirits from Mr. B’s, you will go home with an understanding of what you bought and why you bought it.  And equally important to us, you’re going to experience your purchase as the winery, brewery, or distillery intended you to.

With hundreds of choices from around the world, we carry everything you need, from old world classics, geeky natural wines, grower’s Champagne, to iconic California estates.    Mr. B’s specializes in esoteric, family owned wineries. If we don’t stock the wine you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask us for it and we can probably order some for you.

We live in a great time to be beer lovers; especially here in Denver. At Mr. B’s, we focus on carrying a selection of high quality craft, local, and imported beer carefully curated by our knowledgeable staff. IPAs, sours, stouts, pilsners, etc, etc, etc. Please note we keep the rotations fresh and we don’t carry all of the brands listed at all times. Also, if we don’t have a particular beer you need, we can always make a special order. Quality control is a major focus for our beer program  We don’t accept beer that is at our close to being dated, and all hoppy beers are stored cold at all times.

We love gin on a hot day, Scotch on a snowy night, or amaro after we ate too much.  You may not find that many bottles of rum with pirates on it here, but we have plenty of single vintage rums from unconventional locations in the Caribbean and Pacific.  We taste everything we bring in, and our quality control standards save you the legwork, or misfortune of taking home a bottle you won’t enjoy.

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