Box, Can, Tetra Pak Wine
We stock many types of wine alternatively packaged in boxes, tetra paks, and different sized cans. This offers a great way to enjoy all your favorite products in an accessible and eco-friendly fashion.

Boxed wine – offers an economical way to enjoy wine conveniently that’s much better for the environment! (And for your wallet) Typically wine is boxed in 3 liter bags (4 bottles worth) which fit inside the cardboard shell and is dispensed with a small tap. It stays fresh for many weeks, so you can enjoy as much or little as you need. There are also many new and exciting wineries that are boxing their wine, so you’ll have plenty of options for different styles and levels of quality. Gone are the days where your only options were low quality swill, we’re seeing many premium wines being brought to you in box form now. Time give it a go.

Canned wine – You may have noticed canned selections in the wine aisle as of late! It’s a new trend for easy enjoyment of wine that’s been gaining popularity for a few years now. Usually available in 375 ml (half bottle) or smaller, these are super packable and lightweight, plus they chill down quickly and the waste is easy to dispose of. You’ll find a variety of options here too, whether you want a drinkable red, a refreshing white, a fun rose, and even bubbles!

Tetra Pak – this is another type of packaging which you’ll see more of. Usually sold in 1 liter or 500 ml, these smaller boxes are meant to be consumed after opening and can be easily enjoyed on the go. With all these new selections for you to try out, you’ll be glad there are plenty of options for your busy Colorado lifestyle. Now you can enjoy quality wine at the park, by the pool, camping, hiking, skiing, at sporting events, or anywhere else, without worrying about the implications of breakable, heavy glass. Stop by our downtown Denver liquor store location to check out what’s currently available!

Sparkling Wine
For all your bubbly needs, we’re your one stop shop. We have bargain bubbles for mimosas, many of your favorite brands, and a plethora of fantastic, small production grower Champagnes. From $10-$100+, you’ll find whatever you need here with many popular choices cold in our fridge.

Collectible Wines
If you prefer wines with greater aging potential, look no further. Our Denver liquor store stocks plenty of collectible favorites to fill your cellar. We continually feature an incredible selection of age-worthy wines from classic regions such as Napa Valley, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Piedmonte, Tuscany, Rioja and beyond. If you need advice for cellar planning, please let us know – our wine specialist can help you make a plan that works for your style and budget, and help obtain wines that will make your cellar perfectly stocked with wine you will love.

Allocated Wines
Come down to Mr. B’s liquor store Denver location to check out what special releases we currently have. Whether you’re looking for hard-to-find French specialties like Domaine Dujac, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and Jacques Puffeney, or domestic cult favorites such as Sine Qua Non, Cayuse, Kosta Brown, Hiyu, or Sea Smoke, we receive such allocations in small quantities periodically. We work hard maintaining strong vendor relationships in order to consistently obtain special releases and allocated products. These items we’ll typically post on our social media to let everyone know they are in stock!

This fermented rice wine is seeing a resurgence in popularity and we’ve been stepping up our selection with plenty of great choices for you to choose from. Whether you need something casual for sake cocktails or cooking, a finely crafted artisan option, or something sweet and easy, we have you covered with options for Nigori, Junmai, and Ginjo. Pop by our Denver liquor store to see what’s currently in stock.

Dessert Wines
If you love dessert wines, come by and check out our lovely selection of sticky stuff. You’ll find classic Botrytis wines like Sauternes and Tokaji, decadent ice wine, dessert wines made from dried grapes like Vin Santo, and delicious late-harvest wines from around the world.

Fortified Wines
Come by for all your fortified wine needs: you’ll find a selection of Port, Sherry, Madeira, and Marsala for everyday use, for cooking, or for special occasions.